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June 10th

Efrén Petite (10-06-1926 - 13-03-2014) Spanish composer

Efrén Petite

Efrén Petite has been International Judge in two- and threemovers since 1966. He composed direct mates, selfmates and helpmates.

Petite, Efrén
Europe Échecs, 1978
2nd Prize

#2 10 + 10

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Rolf Uppström (10-06-1953) Swedish composer

Rolf Uppström wrote "Nordiska minimalproblem" in 2006 and is a co-worker of the Swedish magazine "Springaren".
He himself has composed quite a few direct mate minimals (white King + one white piece) such as this 8-mover. The following problem is rather different:

Uppström, Rolf
The Problemist, Mar 1982 (6606)

#4 6 + 1

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Marco Campioli (10-06-1954) Italian composer

Marco Campioli, 2012

Marco Campioli is an endgame study composer.

Campioli, Marco
Die Schwalbe, 12th Jun 2004
2nd Prize

+ Black to move 3 + 3

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Peter Hoffmann (10-06-1955) German composer and FIDE Master

Peter Hoffmann in the German town of Cochem in August 2014
[© Peter Hoffmann]

Peter Hoffmann was the first composer to present a cyclic Babson task in orthodox moremover without promoted units. The problem can be seen on Siegfried Hornecker's website.
His talent is not limited to Babsons: in 2011 he was granted the title of FIDE Master and a commented selection of his problems in PDF format can be seen and downloaded on berlinthema.de.

Hoffmann, Peter
Schach-Report, 1992
2nd Prize

#4 8 + 11

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